First trailer for Wi Ding Ho's 'Pinoy Sunday'

by Andrew Mack, March 17, 2010 2:25 PM


Back in 2005 Malaysian filmmaker Wi Ding Ho won the best short film category at Cannes with his film Respire. He's made the trek back to France with another short film and will go again once more as part of the L'Atelier program at the festival. He wil return with a feature length film finally under his belt, Pinoy Sunday

On their only day off, Filipino migrant workers, MANUEL and DADO discover a couch left behind on a Taipei sidewalk. In a life where everything is arranged and all possessions belong to the factory, the couch represents 
a chance to own something of their own. Aware that carrying a heavy piece of furniture across town is both 
ridiculous and illogical, the journey becomes an important metaphor for their attempt to make an unpleasant 
factory dorm that much more like a home. The arduous walk across the landscape is also an internal struggle --a 
journey that challenges notions of manhood, friendships and family.


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